Network Capture and Analysis

Posted October 24, 2023 by Noah Lessard ‐ 2 min read

Hello Cybersecurity UW!

It is time for our next meeting. We are preparing lots of fun activities to get you immersed into the field of security! Hopefully midterms went well or will go well if you haven’t taken them yet.

We will be hosting an Intro To Packet Sniffing meeting this Friday the 27th from 5:30 till 7:00 in CS 1240. Here is the location of the CS Building if you need it.

Note this meeting will be different than the past meetings. For this meeting we will split into two groups, one group will be more introduction and lecture based while the other group will go over some higher level topics. Either way, both groups will be using Wireshark, an easily installable software that allows for network analysis.

If you need help installing Wireshark, come to the meeting at 5:00 and the leadership team will help install it. Here is a link to the download.

NOTE: No previous knowledge is needed for this meeting, all that is needed is a laptop and whatever remaining energy you have from midterms!

Come and meet up with fellow cybersecurity enthusiasts and have fun!

Thank you,

Cybersecurity UW Leadership Team

Post Meeting Notes:

Thanks to everyone that came! We hope you enjoyed the new format and learned a lot about network security and the wireshark tool. Here are the beginner and expert slides, as well as a sample PCAP file that you can try to load in wireshark yourself!

Check out these pictures from the meeting!