Cybersecurity UW 

We code. We protect. We hack.

🔒 Cybersecurity UW (CSEC) is a student organization that allows its members to learn and explore security in a collaborative environment.
We cover all kinds of topics in cybersecurity, from research to online safety, to the latest tools and talks from experts in the field.

🙌 We are open to everyone.

  • Having experience with programming and Linux/Unix will help with some activities in the club.
  • We enable cybersecurity enthusiasts to collaborate on research and discovery.
  • We teach cybersecurity beginners how to use ethical hacking programs (like metasploit) and other cybersecurity relavent tools (such as API’s)!

🚌 Interested in joining?

Look for us at the spring and fall org fairs on campus! We are also happy to have you join us in the middle of the semester. You can contact us via email at , and we will add you to our email list and the discord server.

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